Fenderstick - Learn to drive indicating pole

Learning to drive can be a scary prospect for both the learner and parent involved. Nothing beats practice and time behind the wheel. Sometimes a little help with some of the harder aspects is needed, one of them is spatial awareness of the physical dimensions of the vehicle. 

The Fenderstick simply sticks via a high-quality suction cup to where you most need the help and reassurance when tackling aspects of driving, whether it be parking or just positioning on the road when driving in general.

Beside from having the correct insurance in place while teaching your child, the Fenderstick may possibly stop some of those bumps and scratches that happen when teaching new drivers. It is super easy to install and can easily be moved to the most beneficial position on your car or truck.

This is a premium quality product and is built to last. Get one today 

Delivery time is approximately 15 -18 days due to very high demand, we are working on reducing this delay as soon as possible. Please be aware.


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